Pharmacy Mall: A Trusted Store Providing Medications Online Since 1997

Pharmacy Mall A Trusted Store Sellings Medictions Online Since 19971 (1)

Pharmacy Mall is a popular online company that provides the population with quality products in the field of health and beauty.

To date, the assortment of the store includes more than 10,000 items and allows the buyer to purchase any medicinal product registered in the USA. If you need a drug that is currently not available in your local drugstore, we will deliver it specifically for you. We make sure that every our customer feels comfortable.

The company was founded in 1997 and was initially a small online store. Today, our company is, perhaps, the largest pharmacy in the USA.

Our network has a 24/7 customer support service online that allows you to quickly find a drug or other medical supplies, get the necessary information about them, clarify the timing of delivery. Our specialists will always help in choosing the right medication, listen to each customer and give the necessary advice.

Long-term, impeccable work of our pharmacists, high professionalism in combination with the indifference to customers – all this is the result of the development of the internal corporate culture. Our store operates its own training center, in which employees improve their skills, receiving the latest information on new products that regularly appear on the pharmaceutical market.

For more than 20 years of excellent work, we have earned the trust of customers and have repeatedly been awarded diplomas and titles, including the diplomas “The Best Pharmacy 2017”, “The Best Enterprise of the Industry”, and the Diploma of Consumer Confidence.

We believe that our efforts improve the quality of your life and help you maintain well-being. Be healthy!!!

Our mission is to improve the quality of your life.

Pharmacy Mall is a professional team of like-minded people united by common values, able to work effectively in different markets, ensuring the fulfillment of the mission and development of the business.

Why do people like our store?

  1. A wide range of medicines and health-related products (cosmetics, medical equipment). The choice of drugs, as a rule, is wider than in offline drug store. The website has catalogs where you can quickly find the right medicine with the help of the search bar;
  2. Visibility and information. There is an opportunity to thoroughly examine the drug you want to buy: read the instructions in a quiet home environment, compare prices and, if necessary, choose a cheaper generic version. There is no need to call the pharmacy to find out if there is a necessary medicine on sale and look for a store offering the lowest price;
  3. Shipping. We offer courier delivery to your home, which is very convenient during the period of illness when you least want to go out;
  4. Confidentiality. Not everyone likes to advertise their illnesses, especially delicate ones, and discuss the drug with a pharmacist when there are strangers around. Our drug store guarantees 100% confidentiality;
  5. Bonuses and discounts. Our online company offers various discount systems and promotional codes to its regular customers and first-time clients.

Low prices

Drugs in our pharmacy are cheap than in other drug stores. Our customers are aware of this, because prices are easy to check, for this you need to go to the pharmacy next to your house with our electronic drug catalog and you will see that our prices are significantly lower.

Why do we offer lower prices?

  • Our company buys drugs from large distributors in large quantities. Accordingly, they give us big discounts, and we, in turn, can make prices in the catalog lower;
  • Our pharmacy sells not only expensive drugs but also cheap generic analogues. Therefore, on average, prices in our store are lower. And everyone can afford to buy medicines from us. We guarantee that even very expensive medicines are much cheaper on our website;
  • Regular discounts and sales. One should not think that if a drug is discounted, then it is bad. Often, the supplier gives a larger discount than the pharmacy seller expected. Accordingly, it is possible to make the prices for these medicines lower;
  • No need to rent a premise. Prices in our shop depend on this factor. We operate purely online.

In general, we can bosts not only of low prices but also the quality of service and rich assortment. And it’s easier to buy everything in one place. you can not only save money but also time. Place an order and see for yourself – we have the lowest prices on the web!

Quality control

We guarantee:

  • Proven and reliable supply source. We work only with proven and reliable suppliers who have earned an impeccable reputation for many years of work in the market. This ensures the supply of exclusively high-quality goods;
  • Quality control. All goods passe the entrance check upon receipt – “reception by quality”. We guarantee customers the authenticity of the product and its high quality, which is always confirmed by all the necessary supporting documentation;
  • Storage control. The advantage of the automated control system created in our company is the accounting of goods by series and batches, which allows automatic tracking of the “history”. Thus, we can completely eliminate the presence of goods with an expired shelf life;
  • Control of pharmacy assortment. All product series are tested for compliance with the data of the Department of State Control of Quality. The automated online-control system tracking the falsified and rejected goods is constantly in effect;

The health of our customers is the priority of our company!

Our bestsellers

  • Levitra is a drug that is very popular among men all over the world. It is used to treat impotence and erectile dysfunction. Levitra helps to increase arousal and reach an erection, even in severe cases. There is a huge amount of positive feedback about this drug on the Internet. The active ingredient of the drug is vardenafil. It is absorbed into the bloodstream and becomes active within half an hour;
  • Amoxil is a semisynthetic antibiotic-aminopenicillin with a wide range of action. It suppresses the production of elements of the cell wall of bacteria. Amoxil is prescribed in respiratory infections; infections of the genitourinary system; infections of the digestive tract; infections of the skin, soft tissues;
  • Viagra Professional is a generic of the popular branded drug Viagra based on sildenafil citrate. The drug increases blood flow to the penis and increases erection. The pills are used in erectile problems, pulmonary hypertension, weak potency;
  • Prednisone is used to treat periarteritis nodosa, recurrent polychondritis, systemic vasculitis, exfoliative dermatitis, severe seborrheic dermatitis, pemphigus, severe forms of psoriasis. Its use is advisable in the treatment of autoimmune diseases, inflammatory lesions of the joints, eye diseases, respiratory organs and liver, as well as cardiovascular, neurological and oncological diseases;
  • Cialis can return your confidence, strength, comfort. Duration of action, reasonable price, excellent quality, a guarantee of a positive result – this is not a complete list of all the advantages of Cialis. The drug successfully copes with erectile dysfunction, stimulates natural processes, brings the potency to a qualitatively new level.

What customers say about Pharmacy Mall

Read some of the recent reviews our clients posted about our drug store:

Peter: “Nice company. It is convenient to read the instructions on the site and place an order immediately. There is an opportunity to get a discount using promo codes. They have a wide range and affordable prices.”

Sandra: “I am very happy to have discovered this service! You do not need to go to the pharmacy and stand in a queue. Just visit the website and buy everything you need at the lowest prices on the Internet. Unrealistically convenient service. Besides, they post many informative articles. I hope that prices will not increase!!!”

Rachel: “Great shop! They always have all the products in stock. Prices are lower than in other drugstores. Thank you!”

Cassandra: “I order medicines through this website very often. It’s convenient. Low prices, different drug manufacturers, the selection is also wide. They usually deliver orders within 3 days.”

Helen: “Now I look for all the drugs on this website. All the items are always available. I often manage to use promo codes and save a lot. Thank you, of course, I will use this online pharmacy again and again!”

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