Simple Ways To Activate Your Life, Starting Today

Simple Ways To Activate Your Life, Starting Today

Apathy may overtake every person. Life is rolling on its own track, and it would seem that everything is fine, live and be happy! But at the same time, it is clear that something is missing. Like everyone else, we may not have enough impressions, emotions, brightness .. The life of a modern person is becoming qualitatively different – there is a lot of action and little meaning.

We spend a lot of time on the road and standing in traffic jams, on boring work, on household chores. Sometimes it is necessary, but in fact, we just got bogged down in everyday life and completely forgot what it is to live an interesting and bright life. If you want to “activate” your life, read our article!

What does “activate your life” mean?

Everyone has seen texts like “10 ways to get rid of boredom”, “10 tips for living brighter” on social networks, and various other lists of 10 tips. First of all, you need to figure out what it means to activate your life. We have determined the following – the life should be filled with meaning, goals and impressions, then it will be richer, easier and more interesting. It should completely satisfy the person. Try to imagine your ideal life? Yours should be just that.

There is no single way to improve the gray everyday life of different people, so it is best to read the bright life rules and make your own list. It is not necessary that it be of 10 points – it may contain a couple of tips or a sheet of A3 format, covered with small handwriting, the main thing is that it works in a specific situation.

Bright life rules

After rereading a lot of psychological essays, we deduced the following rules for a rich and interesting life:

  • you need a new life experience;
  • you need to create habits that will make your personal world a better place;
  • you need to look at your life from a different angle.

Leaving your comfort zone

New life experience is a rather abstract concept, but in fact it is very simple. To put it bluntly, this is something you didn’t do. Do not think that a new life experience means shaving your head and leaving for a Tibetan monastery (although this will not only make life richer – such an act will radically change it). What can become a new life experience and make existence brighter and more interesting:

  • new sensations. An exotic handmade dish (if you don’t like cooking, you can go to a restaurant), unfamiliar style of music or dance;
  • a fundamentally new type of activity. You can change jobs, you can start a new hobby. Or make it a rule to have fun every time in your free time differently than before;
  • learn something new. It doesn’t really matter if this skill is useful or just enjoyable – it is important that variety is provided.

Things to try:

  • exotic fruits, vegetables, cereals and meats – many people have tried dragon fruit today, but still no one knows about the taste of Moldavian hominy with a tear;
  • unusual dishes from any cuisine of the peoples of the world;
  • a master class in dance or yoga;
  • going to the conservatory or organ hall, to an evening of live music or to a big rock concert;
  • any interesting master class or workshop for beginners (in an area that is not familiar to you) – pyrography or watercolor, nail art or making chocolate from scratch.

New habits can also be anything. The whole trick is to slightly change your behavior – when a person begins to behave differently, his/her consciousness, and his/her environment, and the entire external world change. I didn’t believe it until I tried it on myself. I wanted to move and travel more, and I made it a rule to go somewhere out of town every weekend for new experiences.

Long trips require serious preparation, and you can drive to the neighboring area by car if you first stock up on a map (in my case, a navigator), a couple of sandwiches and a thermos. You can take a fellow traveler with you, but I did not do this – I wanted to be alone with myself. I came to cities for some small purpose and had a fruitful day – I could go on an excursion, I could just photograph something unusual on the street. Sometimes I just went about my household chores – but when the city and the people around it change, it turns out unusual.

Have you tried buying shoes in the provinces? How about getting a haircut at a rural barbershop? And to go around a foreign city only by tram? This is just a small part of what an adventure can be.

Things to try:

  • make a good habit – go up to your floor on foot, drink water, do exercises for at least 10 minutes in the morning or unlearn negative thoughts;
  • travel more – you can find amazing things even in your native land;
  • get into the habit of doing good deeds – you can try to become a volunteer, you can learn to smile at passers-by, you can go to an animal shelter once a week and help take care of them. The world is full of activities that require the participation of kind and sympathetic people;
  • get into the strange habit of expressing your feelings only in a foreign language, brushing your teeth with the wrong hand, or at least going to work in different socks.

A new look at the usual life

Before you make your life happy, it doesn’t hurt to do an audit. Answer your own questions – better in writing:

  1. What did you enjoy doing as a child and adolescent?
  2. What activity makes you happy?
  3. What are you especially good at?

It also doesn’t hurt to revise your skills and achievements. In my case, there were unexpected discoveries – for example, during my school years 10 years ago I wrote poetry (nothing special, many people write), and the most pleasant thing was not just to write it but to speak in front of some audience and read it.

When I remembered this, I quickly found a literary club not far from me, where the Free Microphone is once a week – an evening when anyone can go up on stage and read what they want. Honestly, I was scared, but it turned out that I was worried in vain – the public in such places understands, and I just got an indescribable hurricane of emotions!

Have an evening of memories – flip through albums with photos, re-read your own diaries, just devote the evening to the past (you can arrange friendly gatherings while talking about the days of the past).

Once you’ve identified some enjoyable but lost habits, activities or accomplishments, try introducing them into your current life. This will make life not only activate your life but will really improve it.

10 tips for activating your life

  1. go once a week to a new restaurant;
  2. walk in a new place every week – a city, a street, a park, a forest;
  3. make changes to your image – bright lipstick, unusual sneakers, multi-colored socks in flying cows;
  4. change the world around you – smile at people, say compliments, greet others;
  5. make new friends;
  6. go to unusual places;
  7. learn a new language;
  8. arrange “creative dates” for yourself twice a week – a few hours devoted to your creative development;
  9. do good deeds – from transferring old women across the road to participating in large-scale charitable projects;
  10. believe more in miracles and adventure.

Write your 10 tips – which will help make your life easier and better, and follow them – you will feel a change in a few days! Life will become more interesting – new thoughts and emotions will appear, new acquaintances, impressions will gradually follow, and then everything can change. The main thing is to start activating your life right now!

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