Prince’s Trust

Prince’s Trust helped out over 86,000 people to launch their own business – and you could be next. They cooperate with 18 to 30-year-olds living in the UK to turn big ideas into a reality.

What is involved in Princes Trust Loan?

This facility includes training, mentoring support, funding and providing resources. The specialists help you become the best entrepreneur. The collaboration includes 4 stages.

Stage #1: Info phase

Our pattern starts with a free information phase in your local area. You will be aware on the support you will get. You also will be inviteed onto the interactive workshop.

Stage #2: Workshop

During the workshop you’ll meet like-minded and keen people. You’ll also have the chance to invite a business adviser, explaining everything from business planning and marketing to sales, budgeting and tax. Workshops vary in length but average between 2 and 4 days.

Stage #3: Create your business

After the workshop it’s time to create your own business model. We’ll provide you with a mentor to support you as you plan and test your ideas. You’ll even have the capability to apply for personal loans for business purposes.

Stage 4: Launch your business

Before launching your business, you’ll present your business plan to our Business Launch Group. Their job is to ensure your idea is viable and sustainable.