South Wales Miners Museum

The complete above-ground mines remain intact in place, with the steam engine from shaft # 2 now electrically driven.

Manufactured in 1927, the Worsley Mesne steam plant is located in the boiler room, along with six Lancashire steam boilers. The engine has two 32-inch (81 cm) bore cylinders and a 10-foot (3.0 m) drum width. The drum supported two cables over 800 yards (730 m) each with a breaking force of 234 tons. The cables were checked every day, checked for weight every three months, and completely replaced every 2.5 years. They were shortened by about 6 feet (1.8 m) every six months to eliminate wear and stress on the end of the rope.

The museum does not have access to underground workings, but a modeled gallery provides full access to the blind and disabled. In addition to artifacts from the mining industry, the museum also houses a restored unique gas tram that ran in Nita until 1920.

The museum is a junction point on the European Industrial Heritage Route.

The museum, which reopened in 2008 after renovation, has a recreated tunnel with models of children seen crawling through space underground. There is also a realistic stable with a miner, his quarry pony trailer. Outdoor exhibits include a blacksmith shop, a lamp room with Davy lamps, a steering wheel, a tractor, and a coal drum.